Sage Parasurama was the Master of Northern style Kalarippayat. The Northern style Kalarippayat is divided into four part of training. They are Maithari, Kolthari ,Ankkathari ,Verum kaithary

26 th Alapuzha jilla kalari payattu championship - 2018 November 11 Sunday

This style, as one can understand from the name itself is predominantly practiced in the southern part of Kerala, especially in the erstwhile princely state of Venadu. The stances are comparatively higher than in the Northern or Vadakkan style and relatively less emphasis is placed on the weapons like sword and shield and Churika (double edged sword dagger about one cubit in length). 


In the medieval period of Kerala, this art was the way of life for warriors, in the traditions of CHAVER PADA [the suicidal death army], ANKA CHEKOR [one who is trained for duels], and for GURUKKALS [masters]. The fighter’s function was not in the rivalry among political authorities alone. Often they were invited for settling disputes between ordinary people. This practice of using fighters for judicial purposes gave rise to the local and regional political authorities.